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    El concepto de cultura del derecho de autor 

    Charria García, Fernando; fernando.charriag@campusucc.edu.co(Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Bogotá, ColombiaCaliCiencia Inclusiva, 2017-04-30)

    Purpose: this article contains a conceptual elaboration on the copyright culture, for which an approach is made to the concept of copyright, as well as the dimensions and theories that support it, in order to determine what a work is and its corresponding rights. Description: the research is an approximation to the concept of political culture that has favored an explanation for the values, feelings and beliefs of people’s political behavior. Point of view: the author uses his experience in the field of law, political studies, arts and their teaching, to make a novel proposal. Conclusions: the above concepts are structural inputs of the author’s proposal on the need to elaborate the concept of copyright culture, in order to promote research that shows the importance of people’s values, feelings and awareness with respect to copyright, and thus impact public policies in this legal field.