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    Bases conceptuales para un análisis crítico del discurso administrativo y económico 

    Botero Cedeño, Eduardo Andrés; botero999@hotmail.com(Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Administrativas y Contables, Administración de Empresas, AraucaAraucaCiencia Inclusiva, 2016-04)

    This book is based on the idea of expressing a critical and thoughtful argument in relation to the epistemological principles that have supported progress in the economic and administrative sciences. In this sense, a divergent position is taken regarding the economic dogma represented in doctrinaire liberalism. The argument has been based on denouncing the distinction between an object and subject of knowledge as contrived, understanding, as did Baudrillard, that in the scientific exercise both agents are immersed in a radical equivalence. Methodologically, a hermeneutic exercise was carried out in which the interpretation constituted a transforming translation process, and the interpretative record became the fundamental basis for change. The work has therefore been composed of three interdependent essays, which address the concept of economic rationality, the discourse of productivity, and the implications of entropy for the economic and administrative sciences. The results of this research show the need to undertake an ontological and epistemological shift, both in analytical tools as well as the discursive justification that characterizes these disciplines of knowledge. The shift proposed in the work implies a transformation of economics as a scientific discipline, so that it will not continue to be developed as an epistemological mechanic of a reductive nature.