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    El Significado Real de que Colombia sea un Estado Social de Derecho 

    Cabrera Suárez, Lizandro Alfonso; llzandrocabrera@hotmail.com(Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Bogotá, ColombiaExternoCiencia Inclusiva, 2018-04-01)

    Aim: The exercise will consist in establishing the meanings of the concepts related to the principle of the Social Rule of Law. Methods: Indeed, what does it mean that Colombia is under the Social Rule of Law? The expression means that the constituents representing the people decided on a specific form of State and excluded others. But what characterizes it? Results: While being a supremely rich topic full of implications about which entire books could be written, it will be presented in a summarized manner trying to gather all the important elements of the discussion around it. Conclusions: If there is no Rule of Law, there is no democracy. The Social Rule of Law also strives for the realization of fundamental social rights.