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  • Estrategias de enseñanza y aprendizaje: una mirada desde la investigación

    Estrategias de enseñanza y aprendizaje: una mirada desde la investigación 

    Ahumada Méndez, Luz Stella; Ávila Saldaña, Héctor Giovanni; Cardozo Galeano, Germán Darío; Chavarro Mancera, Lizeth Lorena; Fernández Urrego, Oscar Andrés; Hernández Arteaga, Isabel; Alberto Luna, José; Macías Rodríguez, Jairo Hernando; Moncayo Santacruz, Juan; Pérez Torres, Mónica Lorena; Posso Restrepo, Patricia; Santana Cruz, María del Pilar; Triana Mossos, Mónica; Vargas Montes, Adriana Marcela; stella.ahumada@ucc.edu.co(Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Bogotá, ColombiaExternoCiencia Inclusiva, 2019-12)

    This book presents the research results of several studies that correspond to research projects developed in the Master’s in Education and Master in Learning Difficulties programs of the Cooperative University of Colombia. All the proposed strategies were experiences and pedagogical experiences in the classroom that become a frame of reference on the line under study. The first chapter develops a classroom strategy that favors open and fluid communication and emphasizes the importance of autonomy and mastery of shared goals. The second recognizes teaching as an essential area for the performance of any profession; Teachers resort to different alternatives, to optimize learning outcomes; One of them is the Integrated Learning of Contents and Foreign Languages, which is used in the teaching processes and integrates contents of a foreign language. The third chapter highlights the influence of ICT in the evolution and innovation of knowledge, which is reflected in the scientific, technological and productive progress of each country. The fourth chapter presents a perspective to rethink industrial design in the current technological context, to propose strategies for its effectiveness in the teaching process. The fifth chapter deals with a theoretical foundation on learning difficulties (AD) and disability, with the intention, first, to differentiate them and, second, to make learning difficulties visible in the educational context. The final chapter presents a pedagogical experience in the classroom, from which the educational community is motivated against the teaching-learning processes of children who have learning difficulties.